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better than working

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Took a long weekend, loaded up the kids and ran over to Paragon on Friday for a day of fun. We ran high blues & low blacks

breakage: Frank lost a brake line and the other fellow with us bent his transmission skid plate bracket I lost my smilie face antenna ball :)
We have another trip scheduled for next Friday and then the following Wed....does it get any better?
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Very nice pics, Kat. I'm jealous!!
sweet.. looks like a nice playground
Looking pretty tough there........WTG!!!!!!! Looks like you had a great time. Keep the photo's coming.
Nice run Kat, bummer about Frank's line. And your smilie, but at least you have thousands of online smilies every day. :D
I'll be thinking about ya'll tomorrow....I'll be on the trail while you're putting in time on the job
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Well fine, be that way......:D. I am heading out for Gilmer tomorrow eve. and will see if the YJ can stand up to some real wheeling. Just got it back out of the shop today, and am ready to hit the trails Sat. morn. Have a great time tomorrow!!!!!!
had a great time as usual.....but ya'll get the last laugh - I'm putting in 32 hours this weekend at work :(

bluvikng, be sure to take the camera
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