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Big Bend National Park Texas

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Any you guys ever been out to Big Bend? It's about 5 or 6 hours from my house. My boys are getting to that camping age(6,4,2) and I'm wondering what the 4-wheeling is like out there?

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Have not been yet, but my little sister went a couple of times, now she is getting married there in July. Long way to go to get hitched. Longer way to go to watch!! Pictures are awesome.
I think it's about 6 hours from me (DFW), maybe more, have not checked, but it's the only area in Texas I have not been yet, need to go!
Big Bend is a great place to disappear from the world. I and my girl went there last year. Trail riding there is good and allot of places to explore. I believe Jeeptales did a write up on a trip there in the forum, But I can't seem to find it. Maybe someone else here would have better luck with it.

I highly recommend it as a destination; but remember it is pretty desolate there, only a few places I saw for convenience. Be ready to rough it:D
Club Run!

My Jeep club is going to make a Jeep Run out there over the Easter Weekend.


Link to Great Photos:
Alpine is a nice little town that isn't too far from Big Bend. Had a chance to work either there) Sul Ross University or in Indiana and I chose Indiana. Did a day trip to big bend and it is a huge park with many things to do there. Check out the natural hot water spring if you get a chance. Be prepared for check points and have your ID ready.
have a great time.
Thanks for the info guys.
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