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Hi everybody,

I'm so sorry for my poor english but i have to ask you some questions about a big problem on my Jeep.

My JKUR2012CRDBVA just had a big failure this week.
While I drove slowly in a straight line in the city, with not too many people (fortunately), my Jeep is all just "stop" that is to say no more engine, no more braking assistance and direction,no more power for "warning", nothing... Fortunately, given the circumstances, I slowly stop without damage other than a big scare... what if on the hiway? ...

For a new car, a potentially fatal failure is unacceptable to me.

After the failure, not restart or anything else ... only the red light on the left (lock) was on.

The troubleshooter has disconnect and then reconnect the battery and the car is go on perfectly without any problems ... but obviously I was asked to go home immediately to JEEP reseller ... what I did but afterwards, I souldn't do that ... this represented a huge potential danger for me ...

JEEP at Rouen (FRANCE), tell me they just think that the failure is du to fuses ... but they are not safe and they send the data to JEEP FRANCE ... They tell me that even changing fuses, they are not sure if it can happen again! I have a litle daughter of 25 days... I will never let her in the jeep if i'm not sure that the probleme is perfectly identified and perfectly corected

Have you ever heard of a defect so serious?

Personally, I had problems with start and stop but it does not worry me was more than that, i don't care about start and stop. The steering and the brakes, i do care about them for my security
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