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Last year I bought a bikini top for my '07 Wrangler (JK, 2-door). I take off the hardtop on April 1st, replacing it with the bikini top, and switch them back on November 1.

I bought the extended-length bikini top, the one which covers the second row. Great product but it was somewhat problematic because the trailing edge would flap in the wind at high speed.

Here's the pic from the product catalog:
Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Vehicle door Hardtop

The problem is fairly easy to fix with by stiffening the trailing edge. I used a 1" x 1" x 6' piece of oak, cut to length and tapered at the ends to conform to the roll bar. The oak is attached to the underside of the trailing edge using screws and bolts or even just a staple gun. If you spray paint the oak black it is hardly noticeable.

View attachment 176274

It's lasted for a year without problem.

Another alternative would be to use a 1/8" x 1" thick aluminum bar as a stiffener. This would be a less visible than the oak bar.


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