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Tomorrow I start asking for price quotes. Hopefully have it on order within a week or so.
Base everything on fun & work to be done.
Why buy a hammer no matter how good if one needs a screwdriver ???
Will also be used in support of consulting and photography businesses. GM is one of our clients, but not Jeep.
One of uses is to take a point on a topo map and figure out how to get there no matter what the terrain.
Front bumper and winch will be added. Also ACE rails and later more lights.
Lift, tires and rear bumper will be standard.
Will do work across the US.
Operating temperature range will be -50 F to +130F.
Never thought I would order a 4x4 in automatic.
Anything else I should consider?
2012 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon
Unlimited Rubicon 4x4
Includes destination

Standard Package

Crush Exterior

Black cloth Interior

Standard soft top

5-speed auto

Remote Start System

Connectivity Group

Engine Block Heater

Heated Front Seats

Max Tow

4.10 ratio, believe standard with Max Tow

Media Center 730N

Front seat side air bags

Accessory Group 1

Price out separately, but will order with Jeep. Dealer installed.

Full tank of gas

Jeep Slush Floor Mats, 4-door, 82210166AC

Locking lug nuts, set of 5. Leave old nuts in Jeep for back up.

Gas cap lock, keyed to ignition. Leave old gas cap in Jeep for back up, 68030940AA

Fuel Filler Door, Black, 82210609

Hood lock, keyed to ignition, 82210464AB

Accessory Group 2

Price out separately, but will order with Jeep. Dealer installed.

Extra doors, half, 4 extra doors total

Paint to Crush Jeep Standards

Leave half doors on Jeep.

Wrap regular doors up. Will also bring blankets with me to wrap doors up.

So will have 4 standard doors and 4 half doors.

These half doors include:

Front Half Door Kit, pair, complete except for trim panels, 82212124
Does this include windows?

Manual mirrors, pair, 82213079

Wiring connector kit, 82212943

½ door interior trim, front, DX9 Black, 82212639
Verify this is a pair.

Front Upper Half Door Windows, pair, Black, 82212132
Included with Half Door Kit?

Rear Half Door Kit, pair, complete except for trim panels, 82212123
Does this include windows?

½ rear door interior trim kit, DX9 Black, 82212638
Verify this is a pair.

Rear Upper Half Door Windows, Black, same as production, 82212134
Included with Half Door Kit?
Verify this is a pair.

Anything I am forgetting?

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When I got out of the Army for the second time (total of three times), the Veterans Administration had free psychological testing for jobs.
One of their conclusions was that I thought deeper than the average person. This was mainly due to the ability to visualize.
I was brought up in a very abusive environment. One of my escapes from the horrors of childhood was to visualize other things. One can find good in any bad if one tries.
I can look at a topo map and tell you where the best photos and sights will be. Unfortunately do not have the time to do many magazine or book assignments now.
Ansel Adams helped me refine this skill. He could do it better than I.
So not after conquering mother nature (went through that phase a long time ago).
Not looking for the nicest or sexist Jeep.
Just a nice Jeep for getting from point a to point b no matter what the conditions.
For fun and work.
I can also visualize organizations and computer systems the same way.
I can tell you the best way for information to flow through an organization (no matter how big) since I have already visualized all possibilities.
Need to scan in 10,000,000 documents a day and have them automatically indexed. Have designed systems to do that and did great jobs due to visualizing.
Been awhile since I had a Jeep. Looking forward to it.
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