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Im going to be doing alot of littler stuff and some bigger stuff after Christmas rolls around, but my big project is going to be bedlining my fenders/grill with a spray on. Im going to get the outer fender pieces, the grill, and the running piece along that bottom(I have a sahara). Its going to look pretty sick, and I want to get it done right. Im using NAPA stone gaurd spray, its come in a can for about 8 bucks a pop. Ive seen and heard that it is pretty quality stuff and it looks nice. I plan to remove all the pieces, sand them down, and run over with 2- 3 coats of the stuff, depending on how thick it goes on/ I spray it. If anyone has done this or has some tips for me to keep in mind, Id appreciate it. Ill try to get pics and post up on here for anyone who wants to look and see the transformation, Im pretty excited. Its desert suncoat pearl (barbie gold) and this is a gorgeous color, so I want to make sure If I do this it looks good. Im using my stock fenders so, I gota get this right. Thanks for any suggestions and help :)

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