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Black Hole of Auto Metaphysics apply to Jeeps?

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Hey All,

Not sure if any of you listen to "Car Talk" but after I bought my first Jeep this past August, this episode came to mind.

They basically say that any non-essential repair or addition to your car is answered by something essential breaking and requiring expensive repair. Was wondering (and hoping not) if this applies to Jeeps? Jeeps are exempt, right? I mean...Jeeps are MADE to be altered and customized....right?

Crazy as it sounds, looking back on all the cars I've had, this theory actually kinda makes sense. And the drivers side door handle kinda broke a week after I bought a first aid kit for the Jeep....

Weirdly enough, I've kinda been holding off customizing my Jeep because of this!:banghead:

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That should be up there with Newton's Law. In a way, I kinda believe it. Any time you alter something that's been engineered over a period of years, something's gotta give.

That said, I've modded the crap out of my Jeep, with even more mods to come. One year since wheels/tires, lift, bumpers, aux lights, and haven't had a single problem. Yet. But I expect to...

Bring it! :)
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