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First trail ride in my new to me wrangler. Rode half the trail on 2wd, then switch to 4wd low to see how the sway bar disconnect work. OMG couldn’t believe how much softer the ride was with the sway bar disconnected. Now I need to figure out how to disconnect without being in 4wd low.

Went to Blakey fire rode in Madison,Va today. Went in on the Ruth side and ended near Hoover’s camp. Took about 2 hours start to finish. Mostly wash outs and the occasional mud hole created by someone spinning wheels. Was able to flex out my wrangler though on a rock by the trail( now I will have a comparison when I install my MetalCloak). Last picture is the fire/radio tower gate.

Went on to Hoover’s camp after leaving Blakey, were I found a 2wd Nissan truck attempting to cross a creek. Once he got in the creek he sunk the wheels in the loose rock. I was able to get him out with the winch, he already had a rope hooked up to the when I showed up. An elderly couple with their grandson were fishing in the creek when he got stuck, and the we’re going to try to pull him out.
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