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First time Jeep owner here. 2000 Wrangler, 2.5, no A/C. After replacing the blown engine in this Jeep I found out I have the infamous blower motor problem even to the point of the melted connector at the control module. Replaced stuff and finally ordered the Mopar pigtail which did not come with instructions.
The kit has 3 12 gauge green wires and 3 20 gauge purple wires. They all are about 16" long. I know that the 12 gauge connector at pin B of the of the connector at the selector switch has to be replaced and my questions are:

Do I just splice the wires leading to the connector?
Should a wire be run directly to the blower switch input from pin B of the connector (as the wiring diagram shows)?
What's up with the purple wires?

I know these kits were for the stealership but I am hoping there is some help on this great forum about installing this pigtail.

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