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Grandpa jeeper, when I installed the MC2100 it was a kit from a guy on ebay his instructions had me do this

Factory Electrical/Ignition
The factory ignition setup looks like this.
The violet and orange wires from the distributor must be cut, and the orange wire from the computer to the ignition module too. Trace this wire carefully, as there are at least two orange wires in that bundle and you don't want to cut the wrong one.
Notice the violet wire from the ignition module goes into the connector, but doesn't come out the other side. You must splice one here.
The module is under the washer reservoir, bolted to the fender.

Tricked Electrical/Ignition
This is what the ignition looks like after the modification. The solid-state ignition module is located under the washer reservoir. A length of wire must be added to extend the violet wire from the distributor to the ignition module. The distributor vacuum advance hose is moved from manifold vacuum to ported vacuum. You should add a tee here, since ported vacuum also operates the EGR valve. The stepper motor from the Carter BBD is unplugged.

Try this link if there are no pics

PS my carfb has the 47.5 jets
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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