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Just wondering why so many people dislike body lifts. My buddy and I were talking about this the other night, and besides the fact of the obvious you can see the frame under the body answer, whats the reason? Heres my take on it...See, we live in Florida, there is no hills, no rocks, only two things, mud and water. Where you guys try to get the biggest tires possible, with the smallest amount of lift, for those off camber trails, you would shy away from something like a bodylift. The higher center of gravity without actually gaining and flex must mess you guys up. Eventually i plan to run 38s with about 10 or 11 inches of lift. Even though i could probably run them with only 8 or 9 inches of lift. My only concern, (since i know i wont be tipping over on any crazy mountainous terrain,) I want to get my ass way up in the air, get some big meats, and get my pumkins as high as possible. So just that the reason for the hating on body lifts? :cool:
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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