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Bolt Length

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Im installing tow hooks on a aftermarket front bumper.Im sure the stock bolts that are on there will not be long enough.What lenght bolt should i use?
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couldnt have said it better myself
a friend has these hooks:

with 16 millimeter bolts and 3 tons of load. they were tested and only get damaged with a load of over 21 tons.

some months a go he was in the mud just to the middle of the doors and othing moved. we tried to get im out of there with other TJs and winches, but the TJ didn´t move.
only a 8x8 MAN truck pulled him out. but first one of those hooks broke (they break at a load over 21 tons...!!!) because of the power of this truck. the hook flow on the back of the truck and went through both sides of a 48" offroad truck tire. i don´t want to think about what could happen if there would have been some people on that place.

no my friend installed the 5 ton hooks (wil break at a load of over 35 tons) and we hope that these hooks will never fly away...

just to show you how big power works on such a hook while pulling out a little 2 ton jeep out of some very deep mud.
don´t safe money on such an important thing...!!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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