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Ok, so yesterday I installed the Teraflex hinged tire carrier kit. I've mentioned in a few other posts I'm not the most handy. I had no press and gave up trying to
get 3 studs through, took it to Home Depot and guy in tools department got them for me, very nice of him.

So, afterwards everything was going just fine until after I finally had everything completely done. I realized I completely forgot to use 2 washers on open end where two screws go that hold cylinder. I did put washers and nut on closed side and it's very tight. So...I'm really not wanting to go back and take my big a** tire off again and redo it but if I have to I will.

Other question? 3rd brake light. It says replace 2 of lugs using Teraflex lugs and then bolt light in lugs?? Maybe it's my wheel design with black rhinos, but the Teraflex lugs went all the way in and didn't hang out like video. So my 3rd brake light is tightly mounted, but faces down.

Please help here. Am I overreacting or should I have reason to be concerned? Drove today, tight with no rattles.
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