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I have a Rampage Bowless top on the Muddog. Living in Arizona, it comes off in about March and goes back on about... now.
When I removed it, I decided to try something different. I left the sides attached.
To store it, I laid it on it's top. I placed an old bed sheet on it, and folded one side onto that. I covered the window with the sheet, folded the other window onto that, folded the sheet again, to keep the windows protected, then rolled the whole thing up.
When I reinstalled it, instead of fighting the top to stay in place while I secured it, the still attached sides keep the whole thing in place.
The first thing I did was secure the fronts of the sides in the door surrounds, thus making sure it wouldn't move. This made it easy secure the sides of the top into the door surrounds. Then it was a simple matter to mount the front of the top into the windshield bar.
It probably cut installation time in half.
Give it a try.
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