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2021 JLU Sahara Altitude
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There's a few posts about this product on the JK forums but I didn't see one here. Everybody knows the cargo lighting sucks back there and there are many options and wiring approaches to improve it. I finally landed on trying this one out from Done Right LED. A definite improvement (well, until I take the top back off...). I'm not much on taking pics while I'm working but some are attached of the finished product.

Brawlee Light Bar

I also ordered a 3 prong rocker switch and some right angle connectors from Amazon:
Rocker Switch
Right Angle Connectors

The light bar comes with 3M tape on one of the two flat surfaces that will sit flush against the window ledge so I added 3M tape to the other surface for a more secure mount and popped it on. I chose to route the wire under the wiper wire cover for a clean install, and it was way more difficult getting that sucker off than I thought it would be without breaking it. Probably close to an hour wedging with trim shims and pulling. I finally got it off and then used a dremmel to cut a small hole in the cover for the light wire, routed the wire, zip-tied it to the wiper wire and covered both with the supplied cable cover. I then pulled off the hardtop insulation (attached by velcro!) and used a hangar to fish the light wire through the hardtop down to where the wiper power wire connects to the main plug. My complaint here is that the light wire is barely long enough for that; it would be nice to have a bit more slack for those who aren't just going to tack it on the window.

Done Right LED give you a cigarette lighter plug-in adapter (nope) and a longer wire to run it up the roll bar to connect to the cargo light. I wanted switch-based control so I proceeded to pull off the left panel in the cargo area in order to tap in to the cig light power (always on by default) and install the switch. I chose a location close to the opening for easy access and because it looked deep enough to handle the switch. Of course the switch housing was metric so I had to dremmel-out the 1" hole a bit to fit it. After that, I wired everything up. Connecting the switch to the cigarette lighter power was easy with the wire tap provided in the kit and there was a ground screw available on the body for both ground wires. If you haven't wired a 3 prong rocker switch before, ground goes to the brass blade, power goes to the middle blade, and load (light wire) goes to the other blade. Now, when snapping the cargo trim panel back in, pop goes the switch! I failed to account for the depth of the crimps on the heavy duty blade connectors I used (not from the kit), thus the need for the right angle connectors. Once I got those, everything re-seated just fine.

Overall, it took me a bit longer than I thought to install but I like it. Definitely worth having more out of the way light back there. The effect is more dramatic out on the trails in the dark but I didn't get a pic of that yet.


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