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This may take some time to happen, but if it does go forward, I'll keep it updated. With that said...

We went out to dinner with some friends tonight, during dinner I showed off some pics of my (new to me) TJ.

My friends wife said "I don't even wanna look, my Jeep hasn't run in almost 10 years". I come to find out that she has a 1986 CJ-7 that her late father bought new back in '86.

I told her if she wanted help, I'd help get her dad's Jeep running again. Her husband wasn't too keen on her too much spending money on an old rusty CJ, but I told her I'd put together a list of stuff for them to get....

oil and filter
plugs and wires
cap and rotor
fuel filter

Then there's the carb....the carburetor was rebuilt a bunch of years ago and she said it never ran right after the rebuild....what is a good replacement carb that wont break the bank? The Jeep has a 6 cyl and 5 speed.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Motorcraft 2100 or 2150. You can find them on Ebay either rebuilt or used. You can rebuild it yourself easy and the rebuild kit runs about $30.
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