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Broken drivers seat belt

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Hi, First time posting.:) Hoping someone could help me. My front drivers side seat belt broke and can not be fixed. I refuse to pay 350.00 for a new one. Does anyone know what would would happen if I put in an aftermarket belt? One that does not have any sensors for the airbags or any other bells and whistles?
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Which part broke? I assume the receiver.
I would think that it's mandatory that it is covered under warranty. Safety equipment is federally mandated, so unless you broke it doing something really stupid and outside the operating parameters, I'm fairly certain Chrysler has to replace it on their dime.
I thought so too, but no luck. It's covered under the 3 yr/36,000. After that It's my problem.
Have you check your local salvage yards? Should be able to get one off a wrecked jeep for a lot less than $350. Can't imagine this would be a high demand item and i'm guessing anything 2007 and beyond should work.
Maybe they're right. I just looked in my warranty book and it seems that only Kansas requires replacement of seatbelt components, and that's only for 10 years.
I did try the salvage yards but no luck so far. I wish I could wait but I wanna get it fixed before I get a ticket so I was thinking of throwing on one of the cheap ones. I just don't know what it's gonna do to the computer systems as far as the air bags go.
Air bag deployment will not be effected by seatbelt usage, I wouldn't think. I'm no expert though. Rapid deceleration and impact sensors perhaps.
Depending on your situation, swap it with the pass side until you find one.
Never even thought of that. Good thinkin!
You could check quadratec. Haven't looked for JK stuff, but i got belts for my TJ there. Dealer was charging well over $100 for 1 belt. Found both belts at quadratec for $140 i think it was. It's worth a look.
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