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I'm running a 52'' KC lightbar. It doesn't whistle but the buffeting at speeds over 65 is pretty noticeable. I bought the Brute Force cover (52 INCH LED LIGHT BAR COVER | Brute Force Covers) and put it on today. Looks pretty much like it does in the photos on the website.

Note: I have tried the "door trim" approach before and it didn't do much. Also, I wasn't terribly jazzed about a collection of bugs that accumulated on the bar during a long road trip, as well as a pebble thrown by a truck on the highway that I was sure would crack it (it didn't).

Overall impression: the cover appears to be quality-made (we'll see how it holds up), is fairly easy to put on, and comes with wide and grippy velcro that runs the entire length of it and holds the thing very solidly. Once you put it on it actually takes a decent effort to separate the velcro.

By the way of a test, I drove a nearby highway at speeds between 65 and 80. The noise was mostly eliminated at 65 and below; at 70-80, there was noise, but nowhere near the amount that the uncovered bar produced. Also, it changed in tone from the "whooshing" over the fins to something resembling drumbeat on the freedom panels. Not the quietest thing in the world but tolerable, and could probably be further mitigated with a headliner.

Haven't tested it with FPs off yet. Overall a solid product though, hope it holds up.

Tangent: I met some people who swore by these and said that they eliminated all the noise: (or something similar).

Do they really work or are they snake oil?
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