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It seems to me there are a few different types of Jeep owners.

1.) The, 'my wife traded in our minivan for a Wrangler, bought a "it's a Jeep thing you wouldn't understand" sticker and now believes we are outdoorsy people' owner.
2.) The, 'I understand the Jeep culture and would love to show my wheeling prowess by combing up Mt. Everest in my JKU, but can't afford any accessories because Jeeps cost so damn much' guy.
3.) The, 'awww…how cute, you have some 35" tires on your mall cruiser' dude who could probably spent as much on wheels/tires and his lift as you did on college.

I'm sure there in-between people too, but this is my generalization.

My question is on the #2 person and budget boosts. Just about every Jeep accessory company out there makes some version of a budget boost. Usually some combination of spacers, shock extensions, track-bar relocater, and of course the best part, a sticker.

What I am pondering - and if I am, chances are others may be too, is does it matter which one you buy? At this level of a lift, can you just cheap out and buy whatever costs less?

I know there are people who will say "save your money and buy a real lift" and yes, I get that. But some of us will still just cheap out for the instant gratification of some sort of lift, and purchase a BB. It's like training wheels I suppose.

Thanks for the information.
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