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Hey guys, I have been doing a ton of research since before I bought my '13 JKU in March. I have to have read most lift and/or build threads on this forum and done a lot of research outside that.

Here is the plan: 2-2.5" Budget Boost lift.
Reasoning: This is my DD and I would say 95% on road 5% off. Building my JK for sand and light trails on weekends then once it is retired as a DD in a few years build it up for more. So I do not need the extra flex gained from the coil lifts but I still want to do this as right as I can and give plenty of room for the 33s. This also allows me to buy some extra goodies to complete the lift and keep same or better than stock ride.

Already purchased:
AEV Geo Brackets
Rancho 9000 shocks
285/70/17 Duratracs

Teraflex 2.5" BB or AEV 2" BB
From everything I have found these are the best and most comprehensive BB lifts, but I am very confused that they seem like they come with totally different parts and I do not understand why. Is one better than the other? Are some of these parts not actually needed? You guys are the experts.

TF 2.5 Parts Included:
Coil Spacers
Front and Rear Bump Stops
Rear Sway Bar Links
Rear Brake Line Brackets
Rear Track Bar Bracket

AEV 2 Parts Included:
Coil Spacers
Front and Rear Bump Stop Extensions
Front and Rear Shock Extension Brackets (I don't need them)
Front Stabilizer End Links Extension Brackets
Hardware Pack
Front Brake Line Drop Brackets
Zip Ties (???)

Both have bump stops and spacers. AEV skips the rear brake line brackets but adds fronts. AEV skips the rear sway bar links but adds front end link extension brackets. AEV also skips the rear track bar bracket. My thought is that the TF kit is more complete...

What gives? Any help would be appreciated.

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I don't think the GEO brackets will do you any good with the 2" AEV spacer lift. I actually bought that lift but sold it before installing it. I live next to AEV's R&D shop and they basically talked me out of it. They said it was purely a cosmetic kit and nothing else. If you have a 2013 the front brake lines do away with the brackets (the brackets only work on 2011 and older) and you zip tie the brake line to the lower shock which was a big turn off for me. You can pull up the instructions on the aev website.
I decided I wanted to go budget but my research said the Tera Flex performance leveler kit was a good value and performed very well. It uses front and rear coils as well as an extended sway bar link. I have JKS disconnects so won't use the sway bar links. Kent at AEV told me that when someone inquires about the 2" aev kit he recommends they save up and get the 2.5" dualsport kit instead.
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