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Build Help! Descisions are so hard...

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So, I've been having my Willys wheeler two door(used) for about 4 months now and now that the tires are wearing I am thinking of what I want to improve on it. I'm pretty O.C.D and I like everything to be super clean looking. I've added a trailer bar/hitch so far and some quadratec floor liners and that's about it. It does have the willys stickers now, previous owner removed them.

My thoughts so far are something like this:

-Boommats for hard top
-Unconnect 430n( if I can get one for cheap)
-Brand motion backup camera
-dynamat the entire body under the carpet and inside doors

Tires: I'm not sure yet what I want yet.
I know I want 33-34in, something with really good off road performance, but is quieter then my current tires on the Highway. I don't care about snow/ice traction being as it never snows here. My ideas are:

Toyo R/T
Goodyear Duratracs
Toyo M/T
or BF KM2s
I really don't know which one to choose since I have no experience with any of them. I realize that this is probably one of the most common subjects on here, but IDK what to do...Y'all might have some more suggestions. Also would I need a new tire carrier?

Suspension: Another IDK what to do, I was thinking a teraflex leveling kit with wheel spacers. The max I'd want to go is 2-2.5 inches. If I would go all in with (springs/shocks etc.)what are some good kits in that height range? reasonable price. I also don't know how the rubicon shocks I have now compare to some of the aftermarket ones.

Lights: Something I'm not overly concerned about right now, I'm considering quadratec stealth led headlights and fog lights, but that's about it right now

Thanks!, Any suggestions or cool idea are welcome