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I have a 4" mystery lift that is very incomplete and has a super harsh ride. The shocks are no longer functioning at all. They have zero resistance and move as freely as a trombone slide when the lowers are disconnected.

There is a huge TC drop.

My ride sucks on a rough patch of road at speed.

I would like to start with Bilstein 5100 shocks. I have them on my JK and like them. But Rancho RS9000XL shocks look good, too.

I would probably get AEV or OME springs.

I want a Tom Woods shaft with some sort of SYE.

Beyond that I know nothing at all. Control arms? Tummy tuck?

Please provide part numbers and a link for any suggested parts. I am liking stuff from Savvy and Currie. Metal Cloak is - to me - makers of those cool fenders. Please educate me on their suspension stuff.

A strong, opinionated debate is what I want. Give me reasons on why you chose what you are suggesting to me.

I have a lot of money if I do this part by part. But I have very little to spend at any one time. So this will take me up to Christmas to get done, probably. I am in no hurry.

Shocks first, then springs. Then I want to add in the other stuff that I need. Probably the SYE/shaft will be next so I can shove that TC skid back up to the frame.

Anything goes. I am seeking an education. I have read. I have used the Search function. I want more info that is more up-to-date.

THANKS!!! :beerdrinking:
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