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I had a massive post typed out but it didn't post.

Anyways, hello everyone. I have a very odd question that I cannot find a direct answer to.

Here goes. Every Jeep owner has their own preferences in terms of customizing their rig. My obsession has always been tires. Interco tires to be exact. I have had nothing but great luck out of them and I wouldn't feel right putting anything else on.

With that being said, I just bought my new toy last month. A '13 JK 2dr 6sp sport with extremely low miles.

My problem: I am looking at putting either Interco Irok 33x13.5x17 or Bogger 33x14x16. The only answer I get is that a 2.5 lift will clear 35x12.50 with 4.5 offset rims and the ever so popular "more lift is always better". I like the wider variety that Interco offers. I also like my tires to stick out from the body a few inches. It's not going to be offroad MUCH but I still want the fender clearance just in case I do have to take it somewhere and full steering with no rub.

I would GREATLY appreciate a response from someone with real experience to enlighten my if I need a lift or flat fenders and stubbys or if I can achieve this look remaining stock. I don't want to go extreme as I have a vertically challenged daughter that has laid claim to this being her first ride in a couple years.

Thanks for any help or suggestions to achieve my goal!!
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