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Hey all quick question..

Just purchased a new-to-me 14 JKUR. I requested the build sheet and received conflicting information.

The sheet says that it was built with a Class II receiver hitch:
XFNP Class II Receiver Hitch

Then it mentions the following:
BNTS Trailer Sway Damping
BPTP Hydraulic Assist Brake Booster
AHQ Max Tow Package
DMF 4.10 Rear Axle Ratio (Sorry for the dumb question, but does that include the front as well??)

So my question simply is, how could they order all of the towing assets but only throw a Class II hitch on it? I googled pictures of Class III wrangler hitch's and it looks exactly like the one on it.

Thanks all!!


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3500 towing max on all Jeeps with 3.73 or numerically higher gear ratios. Max Tow package is the hitch and 3.73 gears (for non-rubicons) Nothing else.
Your 4.10s were either standard if you have a manual, or optional if automatic. Front & rear must have the same ratio.
All new Jeeps have trailer sway control.

Congrats on your new Jeep!! :beerdrinking:

PS- here's a link to all the towing specs:
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