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We think we've named it Banshee.... but maybe Hurricane.... or Loki.... really not sure.

(I like Banshee.... the husband is undecided)

Either way, voila. New jeep.

2017 JK Sport S, Auto, 3.73

We have secured the money to throw at it right away, so here is the plan:

3.5" AEV Lift
- Previous jeep had a Zone, and we don't want to go with a cheap, soft suspension again.
- Like the ProCal option and the highsteer kit

Teraflex Quick Disconnects
- flexy flexy flexy

35x12.5R16 Duratracs on Black, Plain Procomp Rims
- we live in the Canada and require something good on the ice

ARB Airlocker and Compressor with Evo Mount
- Locker. Required.

Chopping Fender Flares
- did previously on a Sahara we owned and I like the look until we destroy them

Poison Spyder Brawler Lite Front Bumper
- has gone in for powder coating because it needed some love after being on the Sahara for 4 years

- 12" Lightbar that mounts on a custom mount above the winch
- 10,000lbs Winch
- A-pillar lights, 4" pods
- Black grill insert
- Soft top or trek top - looking second hand
- Rock guarding hinges
- removing the terrible side steps
- Arctec front axle truss for the D30

The remainder of the plan is to construct an offroad trailer (the husband works at a fab shop) to house our RTT and other overland equipment.


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Goodness gracious, it looks like he's going to strangle that man's hand haha

Jokes aside, I like the purple color and you all definitely have a respectable start planned! Looking forward to seeing it unfold.

:rofl: yeah I'm not sure what happened there with the filter the salesman used.

Adding to list:

Artec Front Axle Truss. I forgot this was in the shop. Should probably put it on since the Dana30 is about as trustworthy as mexican tapwater.
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