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Bulb Help

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Just a couple questions, and I'm not new to maintenance type work at minor stuff, 56 years old. Anyway, about a month or two ago, I noticed my driver's side indicator light was out. I tapped on the fender and it came back on for a couple days. I pulled out the lamp socket, saw the bulb was black, no biggy,replace the bulb. Know matter what I did, I could not pull that stupid bulb out of the socket. Did the next dumb thing, wrapped a small needle nose pliers with some tape to grip better, and of course, succeeded in breaking the bulb off, part of it in the socket. I used a tiny micro screwdriver to get most of the left-over glass out, put some bulb grease on a new bulb and presto works...This morning again, I noticed the bulb was not working again, just pulled out the holder and tried to remove the bulb, and can't pull this thing out again.. A simple #168 push in bulb!My two questions:
Why would the bulb be bad in a month or two ( cheap sockets,short?), and is there a special way to remove these?
And yes, over my years I've changed numerous bulbs, but these I just can't get a grip, even with gloves I can't pull out?
2012 JKU