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I have a 16 JK HR and after reading many winch posts on here I bought the Bulldog mount with Vacuum Pump (VP) relocation bracket and a Warn 9.5CTI-S. After two days of working on this puzzle I have not been able to figure out how to get Bulldog VP bracket to work. If I mount the bracket on the back of the winch plate like the instructions appear to show the bracket nearly touches sway bar and that is w/o the VP even on the bracket. The bracket does not work as the instructions show at least on my 16 HR.
I' printed the Maximus mount instructions and they appear to be the same as the Bulldog with a similar relocation bracket location.
I'm hoping someone has the key to help as to where I can relocate the VP.
It is apparent the 9.5 CTI will not fit w/o cutting stock VP bracket and relocating VP which I'm willing to do but as I said above can not figure out where to mount Bulldog VP bracket.
Any help and possible pics of how to mount to VP bracket are appreciated.
Bulldog mount link JK Winch Mount Hard Rock/10th Anniversary / Rubicon X / 75th Anniversary OE Bumper
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