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Bump stops question

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I am planing on getting a 1.5" or 2" budget boost for my '99 tj to go with my 31" tires. my question is, when i look around i see bb's with and without bump stops. Are the bump stops important, or not. here are the ones that i was looking at, tell me what you think i should do.
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with a BB the spacers are allowing the coil to compress and the coil will compress more than stock and they can start to sag.

but if you don't rub then chances are that you probably aren't overcompressing them

i think extending the bumpstops is a good idea. but if your not rubbing then you may not need them.
bumpstops are vital to the proper function of your suspension. You have bumpstops from the factory to account for your stock tire. Adding a larger tire requires more bumpstop to keep your suspension happy. Just because a "kit" doesn't come with bumpstops doesn't mean you don't need them.

Some places will leave bumpstops out of their setups to tune them properly depending on what tire size and wheel setup you plan to use. If you want to run a specific size tire you should always bumpstop according to that specific setup.
I just got the Bump stops that they offered and have not installed them yet. It sounds like I need to figure what the 31x10.5 tires will use an change them out? is that right..

Yes. That is right. Flex your jeep out until you almost touch tire to the fender. Then you can measure how much you need. I needed about .5" when I had a budget boost many moons ago.
I have a slighty unique question on custom four link bumpstops are more of a fender saver or do they still serve the same purpose
Same purpose.

The main reasons for bumpstops.

1.) Limit up travel so you don't over compress your shocks.

2.) Limit up travel so you don't over compress your springs.

3.) Limit up travel so you don't rub your fenders.
Thank you for the advice i will hopefully get my boost on soon only have 2 tires right now and no wheels yet but gettin there...Ya know i bet if i quit eating i could spend way more money on my Jeep...Hmmmmmm Dough Nuts......mmmmmmm:D

Thanks Mr C.

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