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Bump stops with lift and tires?

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I have a 4" RC lift I'm almost ready to install however, I am fumbling around with the idea of bump stops. I keep reading how necessary they are to save my shocks, tires, and fenders. The thing is, I cut my fender flares, and will not be upgrading my tires from 31s to 33s for a couple months (unless you want to donate money to me). So with my 31s, cut fender flares, and 4" lift, are bump stops still necessary? If so, how do I determine what size bump stops I need?
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Some one else will post on how to tell how long of a stop. I have read it several times but have not personally done it. you articulate your suspension w/ springs off until the shock bottoms out and measure the distance. Search and you will find it. I read about it in several threads.
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