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Finished up my bumper redo.

I ordered/installed Rugged Ridge Aluminum bumpers a few weeks ago.

The rear went on without a hitch, but the front bumper had some issues. Mainly the fact that the Rugged Ridge Aluminum bumper and my Warn 9.5ti didn't work together. I had to order an adapter plate that is marked for the Warn Powerplant, but works for the 9.5ti. The overrider bar was a no go, however, and I finally decided not to install the end caps. I also swapped put the Rigged Ridge D rings for a set of Teraflex Shackle mounts. I also swapped out my Warn Roller Fairlead to a Rugged Ridge one with mounting holes for lights for my KC Rally 800s. I also went with a Rugged Ridge plate holes because the TuffStuff one wouldn't work with this set up.

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