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I just learned of this product from a friend on Facebook. I have a Warn M8000 on my TJ and am not interested in this product all that much as the Warn is a monster, however, it *might* be a cheap bit of insurance, at least for one of my other vehicles that is not 4x4 but that gets off pavement a good bit.

I can see the utility of this in straight line pulls and maybe the two line pull thing would work - IF your differential is locked. I can imagine if you had an LSD or your diff was open that one line would spin tightly while the other ended up simply dragging along in the muck, possibly getting tangled up under the vehicle and causing additional problems or destroying the line. I cannot imagine both lines staying taught, unless the pull of that against the drum was enough to be seen by the differential as “traction” and kept both wheels turning equally. Maybe so...

I thought I might pass this on here. I want to see what others here have to say about it.

Anyone heard of this or maybe even own one?


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