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Buy 3 new tires and use spare?

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I have a 2013 JKU and need new tires. The spare has never been used. Date code for tires is 3812, or mid-September 2012. Car is always garaged, so spare tire has had minimal exposure to sun. My understanding is that the spare has TPMS.

Should I:

1. get four new tires or

2. just get three, use the spare as a primary, and use the best remaining tire as the spare?
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The spare does have a TPMS. I would buy 4 new tires. Is the spare covered?
Also (can't seem to find edit button)....

You won't save a lot of money by buying 3 tires vs four and swapping things around like that. You will save the cost of one tire, but mounting/unmounting and balancing each tire will add to labor costs (5 wheels), unless you simply mount the entire spare wheel with tire.
Is the spare covered?
No, but car is garaged so the spare is not in the sun a lot.
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