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K so after reading tons and tons of forum posts here, I have decided upon 2 lift kits,

3.5 inch By Clayton
4inch by Tera Flex

Here is my problem:

Will I need the driveshafts now or can i buy it later down the road?
Do I need all 8 control arms changed also or will my stock ones hold up for now?

I will probably offroad every once in a blue moon but right now i am trying to buy the lift tires and rims all at once so it won't look awkward after lifting n still sitting on my 31X10.5X15 tires. Please help a newbie at lifting out.

Also what is the difference between a shortarm lift and a longarm lift besides a huge price difference. I use my 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for daily travel on highway. I commute about 45 mins one way to work 7 days a week. I plan on runnin 35X12.5X17 tires on whichever lift i settle on. Please someone break it down for me and tell me if I should just buy the lift kit and control arms or lift kit and driveshafts or just buy the lift kit and will it be safe to commute for a month or 2 so I can save up more money to buy whatever i didn't purchase. Appreciate all the feedback in advance.
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