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Hi All
I am selling my 93 YJ. 4.0 5 SP All 3 tops, 140,000 miles. Synthetics since 30,000 in the tranny, transfer, and rear ends. Rciever hitch, bike rack. New radiator, water pump, speed sensor, battery, alternator, and complete clutch.

Paint is baked on hood and top of front fenders (big surprise?) Windshield cracked on passenger side. Small ding in right rear (stupid tree stump!) Sound bar is operable, stereo is not.

This is a stock YJ, no lift, 30" tires, and no engine mods. Runs great. Check it out! It is located in Pioneer, CA above Stockton and Sacramento.

Asking $4500 OBO

[email protected]
209 295 4517
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