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We bought this kit to do a Tacoma my daughter had and over the winter the truck died so we never got to do this. Its the complete kit for a compact truck or suv so this would be a large enough kit to do a 2 door wrangler and hard top from my research on these. Its in the Max Ap pattern.
Im asking $350 local pick up or an extra $20 to ship this is a heavy cardboard tube loaded with the sheets of camo wrap and weighs a bunch and is probably 3' tall.
If you have any questions just ask. Its brand new and has never been pulled out of the tube. We paid a bunch more but just don't really need it for anything now so I thought maybe a fellow jeeper could give it a good home. Heres the link describing whats all in the kit

Ive got tons of feedback on gun and archery forums im more than willing to show if you need it as well . Thanks for looking.

Full Vehicle Kits - Premium Camo Compact Truck or Suv Kit
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