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Can I remove this Bumper piece?

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Has anyone removed these corner pieces from the plastic front bumper? Is it a good idea, Pros/Cons?


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You can remove those bumper pieces --- but you'll void the entire warranty on your Jeep if you do!

(just kidding!)

Those plastic pieces (I forget the name of them) are not critical at all, but they will prevent mud from getting splashed up onto the top of the sides of your front bumper. From what I've seen, most Jeep owners do remove them. My 2022 Willys Sport did not come with them, though, and I now have an aftermarket front bumper anyway, so I never had to deal with them.
So people like and some don’t. Personally I like the idea and will close that gap on my Rubi. I get mud everywhere on the front bumper on dirt roads.

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I agree with you, JTPhoto.

Having a "gravel" (meaning: dirt) driveway, and with the frequently wet weather here, I seem to almost constantly have an annoying leakage/spray of mud on the tops of the sides of my front (aftermarket) bumper from the front tires.

Since the vertical gap between the fronts of the fenders and the top of the sides of my front bumper is less than one inch, I would like to close-up that gap with some kind of flap inside the front of the wheel well, hanging from the inside bottom edge of the fender, as well. I just don't know exactly what to use for that, though, or how to secure it to the inside of the fender, particularly as the inside bottom edge of the fender is not a straight line, but has a little dogleg in it.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts