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Can someone identify this new part for me?

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My sister had a pretty modified 98 TJ years ago, bought it new and sold it maybe in 08, it had a 4-6" lift kit if I recall etc.. at one point she had the rear axle swapped out for another from a chevy blazer if I Recall correctly and I think they bought this panhard bar (my guess, I'm used to muscle cars, it looks like one to me) to correct some geometry issue AFTER installing the lift kit still with the stock axle so to best of my knowledge it is for the stock axle, they used it for literaly couple days and then the other axle went in so it sat ever since.

I would like to sell it and give someone a good deal, but without knowing what it is and what years/application it's for that's somewhat difficult ;)

What I do know is that Mountain Off road Enterprises shipped it to them, probably from CT, I have a beatup shipping box that had water damage so that's all I got.

thanks for any info you can give me. :hide:
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Pretty sure it's a JKS front adjustable trackbar with JJ frame side joint
front? lol , could be I guess, I was sure it's for the rear but I could be off on the story..
ill take it
ill take it
How about $120 shipped anywhere in US? After all it is used, missing hardware and you're taking a risk on my less than perfect description

I see new ones online for about double that.
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