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I've had this Jeep since '98 and plan on keepin it for a long time. I currently plan on 33s maybe 35s far from now. It is a DD that I would like to use for some trails and rocks, I am giving up mud because I think I just messed up my transmission from getting stuck the other day. (should've listened when the more experience told me mud was bad)
Here is what I'm thinkin:
Currie 4" coils
JKS quick discos
8 adjustable CA
front adjustable trac bar
rear trac bar relocation bracket
rear SB extend links
front/rear bump stops
Tom Woods CV/SYE
Bilstein 5100s
SS brake lines

Zone 3" coils
1.25" BL
1" MML
2" bump stops
Zone nitro shocks
extended brakelines
rear trac bar relocation bracket
JKS front adjustable trac bar
JKS quick disco
Currie rear SB extended links
Currie 8 adjustable CA

I've been wanting a lift for a long time and did some research and figured it was about time. If it's decided on the Currie setup I'll have to hold off until budget allows. But which setup do you think would be suit my needs?
1) IF the zone route would I need SYE/CV or would that be the "every Jeep is different" case?
2) Do I need all 8 adjustable CA now, or would that just be for when I add SYE/CV?
3) Zone quick disconnects or JKS? Zone is $110 cheaper...
4) Zone nitro shocks ok? or would it be worth the extra $289 for Bilstein 5100s?

I appreciate all the help fellas (or gals), the Jeep community is much better than the tuner cars that some of my friends run with.:Thanx:
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