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can't seem to find the squeek/rattle/clunk pr whatever.....

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can't seem to find the squeek/rattle/clunk or whatever.....

2013 jk 2dr auto 2.5" tf lift 35"s...

so i had this little tap on the floor board right under my left foot. been trying to track it down for several months. couple weekends ago i find the drag link is twisted and not rotating. so i straighten it, re-tighten. the tap went away and i gained a nasty rattle/squeek/clunk whatever you wanna call it. i say that because it doesn't always sound the same, sometimes it rattles like something in the front is bumping something else. not really metal on metal, more like a rubber mallet hitting a knuckle. other times it sounds like rubber streching and squeeking. other times it sounds like a clunk like the axle vottoms out on the bump stop. happens most when the front sheels hit bumps and the jeep rocks back and forth going slowly, turning left or right won't do it unless you hit bumps. faster you go the less it happens. only had it happen one little clunk sitting still when i turned the wheel all the way to the right but i can't duplicate it anymore plus i can only hear/feel it inside, lean out the window while driving you can't hear a thing...

so, anyway, i figure the drag link is bad so i replace it, no help. i checked all the control arm bushings, sway bar bushing & links,re-torqued every bolt on the front, greased ball joints, found no play in them, tie rod had a slight amount of wiggle side to side but less then an 1/8"-1/16". wd-40'd the sway bar bushing just to see, checked body mounts, side rails. no play in u-joints or drive shaft. no leak from the steering box and don't make a sound when turning. found no grease or oil leaks on anything

i've done pretty much everything i can think of, plus whatever i could find in forums. i'm at my witts end here. i don't think it's anything serious at this point but it's annoying as hell. i'm about to rip out all my hair and thats a lot of ripping....

anybody out there have any idea what it could be or anything else i can look at? i could really use some insight....
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did that, twice. on stands and on the ground. also used a shovel under them and pried up, turned the wheels lock to lock on stands and on ground and jumped on the bumper.

not a peep.....
I think I have the same issue on the passenger side. I can't figure it out either. Jeep is at the dealer now but I'm not that hopeful.
First advice is noises don't always come from where you think it sounds like they're coming from.

Other ideas:
1) Exhaust crossover
2) Brake dust shield bent
3) Do you have skid plates on? Check the mounts, check if bent into something or something stuck in them
4) Wheel hub bearing or a gimped lug (but you said you moved wheels and nothing, which is also why I didn't suggest axle shaft)
5) Check the rear end that the axle side trackbar mount is still secure on the axle
6) Are your brake lines and calipers in good shape?
7) Do you run a steering stabilizer? Check it and the mount out.
8) Were your axles centered? If they are off something could be rattling where it shouldn't
9) something rattling around in steering column. I had some plastic piece or something in there break and it was hitting something and made some annoying noise when turning. Or the little plastic grommet thing I think there is one where it goes thru dash is loose/off
10) did you gusset C's? If the weld is a little off may be dinging the springs

Just some ideas based on location.
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