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First of all, I want to thank all the trail ride participants and all the sponsors for making it all happen. It was a great event with lots of cool rigs and great weather. The trails were very busy as there was a Land Rover event going on at the same time.

We ran two trail groups; one that went on the intermediate trails for first timers and stock rigs, and an advanced group that tackled the more challenging trails. We managed an entire weekend of wheeling with no breakage. I was pretty amazed. I was the only one in the group that had to winch, which was a good opportunity to show some of the guys that had never done recovery how to use the equipment properly. We also managed to help out a couple rigs that broke on the trails. (not part of our group) I think the advanced group guys replaced a drag link on a FJ after he smashed it on a ledge, and I got an old Cherokee rolling that killed his battery on the slab pile.

Speaking of sponsors, what a great group of vendors we have in the industry. With relatively short notice, we were able to pick up 10 sponsors who provided Gift Cards, T shirts, hats, and even a winch. Thank you guys so much for what you do for the sport. Rachael with Superwinch sent us a winchtogo for the raffle which was so awesome. It's a great winch and it actually went to a fella that left a little early with a family emergency. I thought that worked out perfect. Evan and Danielle with Tread Lightly sent us a bunch of great items, to include stickers, informational packets, and things for the kids. Poison Spyder, Rock Auto, and Extreme Terrain all provided 50/25 dollar gift certificates for raffle and other cool items. Chris at Morris 4x4 provided like 100 gift cards, which we gave out in grab bags and on the trails. Ginny over at Teraflex sent us a certificate for a set of disconnects, which was won by a young lady on her first trail ride driving! Rancho and Cooper tire sent us some swag and other cool items. A big shout to Don over at Pixel Decals for hooking up some CTOR stuff on short notice. Quality work as always sir! Last but not least, thanks to the Eldorado Outpost for providing us an area to stage and get organized. These vendors gave everything a special touch and provided great service in support of the event.

I hope you all enjoy the pictures from the various trails from each group, and feel free to ask any questions you may have. I provided a link to our facebook page where you can find video and more pictures! Enjoy everyone.

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