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Cat converter help!

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I have been doing some research on new cat converters to replace mine that I thought was bad until today. I was poking around and found a crack in a weld along the bottom of the cat that I'm almost 100% sure is the cause of the rattle. Since this isn't internal and is just a broken weld can I fix the crack instead of buying a new cat? Also, if I can weld this, is there any alternative to welding? Like an apoxy or some sort of clamp?
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Looks like you for sure found the issue. Man, I don't know how a cold weld is going to hold up though. I've used JB Weld on quite a few things and it has worked wonders, although, I don't know if it would be able to hold up to the heat that is produced on an exhaust system. Do you know anyone that has a welder? Or possibly a little mom and pop shop that might be willing to try to weld it as opposed to sell you a whole new exhaust system? If not, research the specs of the different types of cold welds and see what the temp ranges are and go from there.
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