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For sale is a TeraFlex 1912092 CB Antenna Mount for the rear passenger side tail light. With it, I am including a Firestik K-4A Stud with Screw-On Coaxial Termination for Antenna Mirror Mounts to mount the antenna. Both are brand new in package and completely unused. It was for a project I was planning for my Jeep that never came about because my Jeep was totaled. This is about $40 worth of gear, so I am selling for half price and shipping- $26 shipped to the continental US.

Bra was on my 2005 Jeep Wrangler LJ for years until it was totaled. A little faded, but still in good shape and fits like a glove. Retails for $60-70, I'll take $26 shipped. Should fit any TJ or LJ, 97-2006.

I don't check PM's much, please email. [email protected]
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