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Hey guys so I just bought the Savvy 3” adjustable lift with fully adjustable control arms and track bars as well as the Savvy tummy tuck under armor.

While I’m installing this I want to make sure I have the correct ideas about how to get all my control arm + track bar lengths set up properly as well as the axle centered.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

Centering the axle:

With the Jeep on level ground and everything installed, disconnect the front and rear track bars. Bounce up and down on both front and rear bumpers to allow the axles to self-center. Check this by placing a 4’ level vertically against the outside of the tires and measuring from there to a point inside the fender well, making sure that this is the same for both passenger and driver side.
When it is the same, adjust the track bars so they fit in the mount and bolt them up. Voila, axles centered.

Lower control arms front and rear:

With everything connected simply adjust these to position the tires within the wheel wells. Kind of a matter of preference from what I’ve been reading. Just make sure there isn’t unnecessary rubbing on the front when at full turn. I’ll probably try to center all wheels front to back in their wheel wells. Do a final check to make sure that the distance between front and rear axle hubs on both driver’s and passenger’s sides are the same.

Front upper control arms:

Adjusting these sets the caster. I probably want about 7* of it. Place an angle finder on the top of the axle C (where the ball joint is) and rotate the UCAs until it reads 7*. This means that the upper part of the C should be pointed slightly more towards the rear of the vehicle than the lower part of the C does.

Rear upper control arms:

Since I have the NP241 and double cardan driveshafts I will just adjust the UCAs until the driveshaft makes a straight line with the rear differential’s pinion. Use an angle finder to check for accuracy. I have the rear track bar relocation bracket and rear shock outboarding brackets to make this rotation of the axle feasible.

^Does all of this sound correct? Did I miss anything?
Thanks guys! I’ll make a video of all of this once I have a good understanding and actually do it.
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