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centering pin specs. HELP!

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94 yj 4 cyl

my girlfriend snapped her centering pin (the bolt that holds the leafs together while also centering the rear axle on the leaf) it has the 35 in the rear so the pins head diameter will match that which is probably the same on all yj's. The jeep does have a 4 inch lift but i believe the stock centering pins are long enough to make it through the leafs or i can get longer ones and just cutt the exess off. what i'm looking for is the stock diameter and length of the bolt, and head so i know what to pick up at napa. i am away from the jeep now and dont have acess to the pin that is in there to get measurements off of. I'm an xj guy so many thanks from the other side.....-Josh
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This won't help much, but I *think* different leaf spring manufacturers may use different diameter center pins; but they all have the same size 'head' for the spring perch. I ran into the same problems finding a replacement when I snapped the pins on my YJ when I sent SOA.

If it comes down to it, you can use a regular hex cap bolt and grind the head into a circle, or use a allen head bolt, I cannot remember which size works off the top of my head.

good luck.
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