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Champions melted?

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Ha ha. We took the 08 JK and my 98 Chevy Blazer out in the mud last night. Some serious abuse to both mine and my girl's ride. The girl's JK threw some check engine lights on the way home, so I started pulling parts. Two codes were P0300 Random/Multiple Cylinder misfire and P0052 Bank 2 Sensor 1 O2 heating circuit. Pulled the plugs out and two of them were melted!!! Another two were cracked. O2 sensor was burnt too. 50 bucks later JK runs great again... But I just wanted to share. Guess Jeep just don't make 'em like they used to!! Ha. Also Champion plugs will melt under hard off roadin'. Just sharing my exprience. I'd upload a pic, but I don't have enough posts here... Have a great one.
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Are you sure? I just read an advert in some magazine or other that told me I could go anywhere I wanted as long as I had "the confidence of a Champion." =)
I have never purchased Champion plugs. It's Bosch Platinum for me. None of the "Splitfire" or "+4"crap either. Just plain ol' reliable Bosch Platinum's. I've used 'em in all my vehicles. They'll go forever.
I've had Bosch plugs overheat and drop their cores on me before... Not in a Jeep, but in a 350 a couple of times. At least with the Champion it didn't drop the core into the cylinder. Ha. My AC Delcos held up great! I tend to stick to the OE plug for most cars... Next plug change maybe I'll look for something else. As for now the JK has another set of Double Platinum champions in it. And it's probably not gonna be in the mud again any time soon.
I've always used NGK plugs and wires. Wires don't really apply here, but I've got nothing but praise for NGK plugs.
Back in the day (1970s) a couple guys I knew that owned an auto parts store swore by Autolite plugs. They ran them in their Bonneville Salt Flats car .. claimed they were more robust than AC Delco or Champion plugs.

NGK in my bikes and Autolite in my cars..

Ha ha. @WhiskeyMike, is that a serious question? I replaced these plugs as part of the 60k service. Personally I'd never try and run plugs for a 100k... Now these plugs only have 2k of use on them... I.E. Brand new Champion Spark plugs in the trash. Oh and I have pics now.

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NGK in my bikes and Autolite in my cars..

I've had Champions that the ceramic came free of the base and would spin freely, and you could see compression loss up the side of the plug. No more for me....
I think I found your problem

Ha ha. I about pissed my pants. That is funny. I think that's why we were getting a P0300... Wouldn't you agree? I put Champions back in... but I don't think I'll ever buy them again. Next time I'll try out a NGK or Autolite plug.
Changed mine to Bosch after 32,000 miles. Champion was the stock plug from the factory in my 09.
I was serious. Was there a strong benefit to changing at 60k or was it about not having issues on a trail? In my experience spark plugs unless fouled are like light bulbs. Either on or off. What's the benefit of changing early? In the old non computer based cars, you could widen the gap for a larger spark/better burn. But I wouldn't imagine changing the ignition dynamics is good with the computer. Therefore I would guess all modern space plugs are the same for a given spec.
It's reccomended service at 60k miles... Probably a reason for that.
Sorry for the short answer, but I was at school and didn't have time for a long drawn out response. As I stated earlier, the Jeep is my girlfriends. She hit 60k and asked me about a 60k service. I told her her Jeep was in good condition, but she insisted that I go down to the Jeep dealership and figure out what was involved in a 60k service, which is exactly what I did. Called for a good number of things to be checked and replaced. One of those things were plugs and wires, and I've always stuck to OE plugs... so I ordered the Champions.
Different vehicles and engines prefer different spark plugs. Ask any certified auto tech and they'll confirm it.

If the recommended service is 60K, I'd probably replace them at 55+K.

I don't believe in replacing plugs at 100K intervals. Plugs tend to get themselves permanently attached into the heads and removing them can be a nightmare, with the plugs breaking and even the heads themselves breaking. Every tech I have spoken to recommends they be replaced at around 85 to 90K.
I Was under the impression the after prolonged use the core of the plug would not work as well, same reason electric wires go bad. I try and stick to the dealer maintenance schedule, I also picked my jeep up during the life time warranty and I have already had to change out the water pump at 50k.
i've always used ngk plugs and wires. Wires don't really apply here, but i've got nothing but praise for ngk plugs.
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