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Change shocks, limit strap, or drive shaft

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I just checked the clearances of my Jeep at full droop. With the axle at full droop my factory drive shaft sits on the exhaust where it crosses over to the driver's side. I currently have the Old Man Emu 60066L shocks that measure 27.28" extended and 15.9" collapsed. The shocks are approximately 1.28" to long and allow the drive shaft to hit.

In order for my drive shaft to clear my exhaust I figure I have 3 options.

1. Change my drive shaft to something aftermarket. This isn't a bad option since it is something I need to do anyways. Will this allow the axle to droop an extra 1.5" before resting on the exhaust or binding up?

2. Change my shocks from the Old Man Emu long travel to something else the correct length.

3. Get a limiting strap to stop the down travel before the drive shaft hits the exhaust.

I already have Teraflex exhaust spacers so the exhaust is pushed back very close to the cross member.
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You don't want the shock being a limiting factor. Go with a new front drive line or add a limiting strap.

Bob K.
I'd take down travel over up travel any day of the week. ;)

If with the additional droop you're unseating your coils, there's no point and I'd add limit straps. You definitely don't want your shocks being the limiter in your suspension if you don't want to shorten their life. I'd go aftermarket drive shaft and limit straps if needed.
Like I said before if the axle is free hanging my drive shaft is the limiting factor since it sits down on the exhaust.

If I stuff the driver's side tire and droop the passenger side then the drive shaft is fine and the passenger's side shock becomes the limiting factor of the droop.

I haven't tried yet but I am assuming if I stuff the passenger side and droop the driver's side the drive shaft will again be the limiting factor.

If the drive shaft was centered in the front this would be less of an issue but I am not going to try to re engineer the jeep.

The shocks I currently have are 16" collapsed and 27.5" extended. If I keep these I will need to add 1" of bumpstop to keep the wheels out of the fenders and add a limiting strap to keep the drive shaft out of the exhaust.

Would it be better to find a shock that would better match the droop and flex? for instance if I stuff a tire my shock cannot be longer than 15" or it will be the limiting factor and not the bump stop. If the shock was only 25" extended it would stop the drive shaft from hitting the exhaust and it would be the limiting factor.

Or I can keep the same shocks and go with limit straps and still have more suspension travel than factory. Keeping the same shocks would make it easier if I ever wanted to go with taller springs.
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