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Charlie's Creek this weekend

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Cleveland and I are looking at this weekend for a trip to Charlie's Creek. Anyone else interested??
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Sat or Sun?
Let me see as it gets closer.
I'm in. Need a time and place. My arrival time may be affected by small people.
LOL. I pick up my kids. I have them for two weeks straight in the summer. My daughter has finally gotten the Jeeping bug.
I was going with trolls or ewoks
We can meet here at 11:00.

214 S Main St, Hiawassee, GA

Sound good?
I will try. Hopefully Saturday is dry so I can get yard work done.

Off subject, does anyone have a heavy duty jack I may be able to borrow to try and reattach a section of my deck to my house with? I have a 3 ton floor jack but I don't really trust it.
How are these trails for a new Jeep owner with an unmodified JKU?
Beer you will be fine come meet new folks and have a good time
Ok. Not sure if I can make it this weekend but will let you guys know. Would be fun for sure.
What's the info on Charlie's Creek? Never heard of it.
Kappa its persimmon road where jeeperx went in that video on you tube where they that mountain edition try going up that hill
Are we going up Bell as well or just charlies
If Bell is in the plan can that be second if I'm in? I may need to leave to get the kid to work earlier.
Thats cool might nit even make bell if we find alot to get into on charlies
1 - 20 of 71 Posts
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