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Sometimes a picture, graph, or table is worth 1,000 words. Such is the case here.

Wandering Trail is a practical, informative Jeep blog (link below) was shared in another WF thread (thank you) and has several useful JK gear/tranny/tire size (diameter) charts that addresses the various JK tire size, gear, transmission, and engine options from these perspectives:

- Performance (~acceleration/works well) :bop:
- Acceptable (~what works/is good/"OK") :)
- Minimum (~possibly sub-par performance) :mad:

Chart Link: Jeep Wrangler JK Gear Ratios
(wandering trail blog mechanical gear ratio charts)

Choose/review the correct chart with your JK's:

(a) engine size 3.8L or 3.6L
(b) transmission - manual or 5-spd auto
(c) tire diameter - actual or desired/planned.

The charts even list the gear ratios.

Charts cover:

Tire sizes from 29" through 44"

Gears from 3.21 through 7.17 (3.21, 3.73, 4.1, 4.56, 4.88, 5.13, 5.38, 5.86, 6.17, 6.5, 7.17).

Note/caveats: The actual use of your Jeep (commuting, recreation, on-road, off-road, rock, trail, mud, flats, etc.), other equipment, terrain, weather conditions, speed, acceleration and braking demands and performance expectations, and driving style also determine your perception of your driving experience/ performance - with respect to engine, transmission, gears, and tire diameters.

Example chart below - see above link for full size charts.


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