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Check another one off the list (build)

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Got the full set of RiverRaider skids in alum under my Rubi today. These things are nice and I beleave they will hold up, even thought they are not as tough as still I beleave they have enough give in them to take a beating. Instal wasnt that bad there were a few spots were small fingers would have come in handy. Went and flexed the jeep after the instal was finished and I did hear the plates shifting around a bit. They also would hum from vibrations when the drive line would get in a bind in lowrange, but this dosent bother me a bit. Who knows maby after a while it will but for now Im as happy as can be with them.
Ill get a few phots and post them eather tonight or tomorow.
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Looking forward to the pics. :)
Snaped a few photos in the driveway. I guess I should have took a few when it was on the lift. :doh:

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Those skids look really good, nice choice. Good coverage.
those are nice. what did they set you back, if you don't mind my asking.
Got them below msrp.. Thats all im willing to say. :-|
Did some messen around in the woods today and man I got to say these things make the belly slick. Drove over a dead pine tree that I had a hard time geting the front tires up and over. But when I did get them up and put the skids on it my jeep just slid across the top of it. I tried the same tree two weeks ago and ended up wintching myself off of it becouse the factory skid hug up.
Do they have to come completely off for maintenance? oil, trans, tc, etc.?
There is an trinagle cut out and mounted with flush head screws under the drain plug on the oil pain and you can reach the plug on the Tcase easy from the back, I didnt look at the trany at all to see how easy it will be to check the fluid in it.
Well today I checked one more off the list again. Got a set of 17" SpyderLocks on the way. :punk: SPYDERLOCK WHEELS
I'm going to try and mount the stock tires on them and see how that goes. I dont realy want to spend any coin on tires since I will be paying for a set of 37's in a few months. I'm thinking fenders will be the next thing on my list that I take care of, or maby the rear bumper, or maby the CB set up, or welding a cage in, or maby....:banghead:. Yeah I got the bug in a bad way.
Well I got the stock 255/75's mounted on my Spyderlocks yesterday. It took me all morning to do the swap. The tires fit fine. I was afaid that that the rims would be to wide for them but I was wrong. Torqued all bolts down to 25psi and aired up to 35 psi. I got super lucky, I didnt have to ballance any of them they are smooth as glass at 75mph. My stance is way wider now.

Before and after photos from the front.

A shot showing how far out the 3.5inch backspacing and 9.5inch wide whell moved everything out.

You can look at the bumper on the tailgate and see how fare the inersidewall is moved out from stock.

Looks like flat fenders are going to be the next thing on my list. I'll just cut the stock ones for now since its so close to christmas and I'll be spending my money on my daughter.
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You better replace those tailgate bumpers ASAP or you will lose your stock plastic tire carrier. Once you start bouncing around it will crack.
Judging from the photo of your mounted spare, I'd invest $10 in a pair of Daystar bump stops.
:whistling:HaHa I knew that would be the first thing someone said. Allready got it covered. Just waiting on parts.
Rubbing isue solved for now. I'm not a big fan of cut factory finders but I didnt have much of a choice.

Flexed out. Plenty of room now, only got to clean up the cuts and get the skirts back on the front.
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Well since christmas is over I desided to spend a little more coin on my jeep. I got word that the RockHard sports cage I order is in. I only got the front part becouse I'm planing on having something custom welded in on the back. I also got an email saying that the Ace fenders are still a few weeks out, cant wait to get them in becouse I keep having to explane to everyone why I cut my fenders. I'v also got a Painless duel battery setup that Ill be puting in next week when I get home.

Looks like Im runing out of smaller stuff to do. Wont be long and Ill have to bite the bullet and do the lift,axels,PSE stearing, and tires all at once.
Well there was an isue with the cage but now the right cage is in. I had the fenders shot the color I chose. Lets just call it bud lightblue since it was matched to a budlight can. Granted it looks a little silly now but I beleave by the time I get all the armor im going to put on and parts of the whells shot it will turn out nice. Lets just say my jeep is geting ready to hit a growth squart and has its awkward voice right now.

Im thinking about bobing the front bumper a bit before I have it painted.
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Well I pulled the triger over and over today. Got 5 37" Km2's, RockKrawler 5.5 lift with coilovers, 5.38 gears, sleaves, gussets and truss for the front, RCV's, and a Poison Spyder brawler rear bumper with tire carrier on there way. Im also going to go ahead and do a PSC hydro assist. There are a few more odds and ends that will be done also. Im also going to paint the bumpers the same color as the fenders and cage.
Wow nice it's gonna be badass after all is on nice job.
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