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I'm looking for some help ,
I have my yellow check engine light on and sometime i ave the red cauge light on , Last week i went fo a trip and the Jeep did nto work then i tried to start the Jeep it did not so i had to push it in order to let it work ,
Unfortunatly there was a missfire and the exaust started sound like explosions with fire . I have a OBD 2 scanner it did nto give me any error reading maybe it is not th ight one . I tried to turn it on and off 3 times in order to check obd2 scan it did not give me anything .

I'm really confused on what is the problem , please note one of the two plugs that the cluster sits on is not good .

Where can i buy this Plug Photo Attached
How can i check for the problem
I want to buy a good OBD2 scanned where i can read the fault errors and reset them

I would appreciate your response


T Plug .jpg
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